Dunnville Worship Center

Ministries of The Dunnville Worship Center:

Pastor Ted Stidham Sermons
Intern Pastors Micah & Michelle Blakey Sermons
Evangelist Tim Hall Sermons
Pantry: Geneva Stidham
Bus Ministry: Larry & Stacy Pitman
Nursing Home: Dennis & Candy Wilson
Website Outreach: Ted Stidham

Revival Messages, May 5th-10th, 2013:
Sunday, Message: Break Through by Brenda Jones mp3
Monday, Message: Deity On a Donkey by Jimmy Bunch mp3
Tuesday, Message: Seek the Lord by Stanley Watson mp3
Wednesday, Message: Jesus Coming Soon by Jenny Aaron mp3
Thursday, Message: Gold, Frankincense, & Myrrh by Micah Blakey mp3
Friday, Message: Ichabod and His Brother by Tim Hall mp3

Ladies Conference Speaker, Jenny Aaron, Stand in the Gap: mp3